Learn Together, Live Together (LTLT) is a diverse, grassroots coalition of education stakeholders that promotes racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic integration in local schools and seeks to empower young adults to be strong voices for educational equity in their respective spaces.


We envision a world where all children have access to diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning environments that will prepare them to flourish academically, occupationally, and socially throughout their lives.


Our mission is to understand, inform, and engage the Washington, DC community to build a grassroots movement in support of diverse, equitable, and inclusive schools for all students.


LTLT believes in expanding the tent of school integration supporters in the 21st century. We do this by fostering and framing conversations, identifying evidence-based solutions, and promoting effective policies and programs. By understanding, informing, and engaging parents, students, educators, policymakers, and other members of the community, LTLT aims to build the public and political will necessary to advance school integration in the District of Columbia.


  1. Understand and Test Messages: LTLT listens and learns from the community by collecting stories and curating information to develop, test, and refine messaging about school integration.
  2. Inform and Build Awareness: LTLT convenes thoughtful conversations and shares pertinent resources to raise awareness and educate the community about the importance of and new developments towards school integration.
  3. Engage and Promote: LTLT is a strong voice in support of school integration and works to build and activate a broad, grassroots coalition that elevates and amplifies the voices of all people in the community.