Kendra Watkins Community Member, Arlington, VA

"Learn Together means giving all students the same resources and opportunities because where you reside shouldn’t determine your quality of education."

Jahari Shelton Student/Advocate Community Member, Ward 7

"To Learn Together means to have adults and children regardless of their identity be in a space where they can bring their true authentic selves to the process of knowledge acquisition."

Sophia Suarez Parent/Advocate Alexandria, VA

"Learn Together means sharing one's culture, language, and ideas with one another."

Sahar Hafeez Advocate/Ally, Ward 6

"Learn Together means transcending apparent sources of division among us and advancing humanity."

Andrew Hanson Research Fellow (Senior), Strada Education Network, Ward 4

"Learn Together means be curious: expose yourself to different people, ideas, and cultures so you can grow."

Clare Berke Educator/Teacher/Parent, Ward 7

"Learn Together means building a community that challenges each other's thinking, supports each other's growth and celebrates each other's success."

Adan Garcia Advocate, Ward 2

"Learn Together means equal access to not only physical spaces but the same opportunities for students to cultivate their potential, alongside others, and reach high expectations."

Evan Smith Educator/Teacher, New York, NY

"Learn Together means we are all teachers and we are all learners. At every point in our lives, we learn from each other."

Jillian Luchner Movement/Non-profit Worker/Former Teacher, Ward 4

"Learn Together means seeing the diversity of people I see in the 14th street Target in the student and educator populations of our surrounding schools."

Benita Gordon Teacher/Educational Consultant, Prince George’s County, MD

"Learn Together means to me that classrooms represent the real world! Students of all cultures, ethnicities, economic backgrounds, religious backgrounds are learning together in a classroom setting that allows them to the freedom to discuss, create, challenge, change, and learn with guidance from a professional educator."

Chibundu Nnake Advocate, Ward 6

"I attended schools that had substantial white populations and those that did not. In the latter contexts, those schools never received adequate baseline funding, let alone the funding needed to teach, educate and prepare their students. So it matters to me because we are literally and figuratively telling a population of students, families, and people that they do not matter."

Mary Ellen Golcheski   Educator, Ward 3

"If we can sit down with those who are different from each other, learn about their culture, and learn to accept others, we can hopefully get to the place where we aren’t watching history repeat itself."

Scott Goldstein Executive Director/Founder, EmpowerEd

"To me, Learn Together, Live Together means that, if we live in diverse communities like I do, we should go to schools that are diverse… It is incredibly important that we not only be thinking about our own children but be thinking about all children when we think about education and our schooling system and the kind of city that we want to be."

Arielle Kahn Advocate/Ally, Ward 6

"There are few more issues that are more consequential than school integration."

Willie Roberson Advocate, Ward 4

"Learn Together means breaking down manufactured barriers so we can have real conversations with others about our experiences in and out of the classroom."