Learn Together, Live Together (LTLT) is building a diverse coalition to head the efforts in promoting school diversity around the nation. If education equity is an important issue to you, then we want YOU to chime in our discussions and join the movement.

Together, we’ll work hard to ensure that all children have access to diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning environments that will allow them to flourish academically, socially, and as adults in an increasingly diverse world.

We are currently seeking enthusiastic folks to take part in our growing organization. If you are interested in helping us build the organization from the ground up, please consider joining one of three currently active committees:

Research Committee

The Research Committee is responsible for compiling and cataloging existing research on the benefits of racial/socioeconomic diversity in a digestible format for the benefit of LTLT members; identifying gaps in current research and best practices; supporting the research needs of other LTLT committees; and facilitating new and emerging research projects amongst diverse groups of researchers.

Chairs: Andrew Hanson (andrewrhanson1@gmail.com) and Siri Warkentien (siriwarkentien@gmail.com)

Law / Policy Committee

The Law/Policy Committee is responsible for proactively seeking out federal, state, and district-level policies that incentivize diversity; assisting the Research Committee in identifying various means to increase diversity in schools; keeping apprised with and linking housing equity, neighborhood integration, and inclusionary zoning issues to the mission of LTLT; and identifying policies that help children thrive in schools (e.g., culturally relevant teaching, restorative justice discipline, trauma informed care, parental engagement, etc.).

Chairs: Andrew Hairston (andrew.hairston@alum.howard.edu) and LeighAnn Smith-Rosenberg (lmsmith@law.gwu.edu)

Marketing / Communications Committee

The Marketing/Communications Committee is responsible for maintaining the social and digital media presence of LTLT; promoting interest in the organization and its ideals; creating tailored messaging to appeal to and inform diverse constituencies about the benefits of diverse schools; and keeping the school integration movement relevant, urgent and important in the minds of parents, students and community members.

Chairs: Erica Cuevas (e.cuevas@utexas.edu) and Kimberly Quick (quick@tcf.org)

If you are interested in joining a committee, please fill out the form below.